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We are suppliers for over 4000 WWII hobbyists & major movie, productions since 2004.

Message from the Owner

Welcome to this WWII Guns site. My name is Miki Nakamura (Mr.)
and to introduce myself please allow few lines about myself. As
many other WWII-buffs I have been avid consumer of World
War II books, games and movies ever since I was a small child. I
think it was my “destiny” to be a life-long military fan, “grognard”
(serious wargamer) and a student of military history, but I owe it
to my WWII-veteran grandfather and my WWII-buff father to keep
developing healthy interest to World War II. The weapons, planes, tanks, ships
and everything else of that era keeps fascinating me still even today. In 2004 by turn of faith and luck - some 20 years later after I had first found the love for World War II history - I was in position to found this website and company you are visiting today and thus turn life-long hobby into a business. My company operates also other military websites, but personally my love in military regards has always been World War II and I don’t think there is anything that will ever change that!

As a World War II history enthusiast, business student and a business owner I wish to provide our customers with the best personal service possible without ever forgetting the human side in service.

About our Products

The weapons you see here were originally used in some of the most history changing battles people have ever fought. We commemorate those events with our collection of museum-quality small arm replicas that give great insight to the weapons US, British, German, Italian, Soviet and Japanese soldiers carried to the battle (among soldiers of other nationalities). As a WWII-buff I have found that actually handling that historic weapon literally changes your perspective to that particular weapon and the parts of WWII-history that it affected. Our replicas have been manufactured in Japan to the highest quality standards and have some of the most intricate features ever seen in replica firearms. The best part of these well-detailed replicas is that they are completely safe and legal to own in most locales around the world. Over the years we have supplied world-famous movie directors and productions, war museums, demonstration units, firearm collectors, and our core customers - the private individuals who have interest to World War II.

Many of our models are on display in war museums, events and used in World War II movie productions, and our BB-firing airsoft models can be even used to create tactical WWII combat games. Our replicas offer a realness and authenticity that would be difficult, if not impossible to capture in any other way. You can feel the weight of the weapon, hear it fire, and truly get a sense of what it might have been like to use these weapons during World War II.

Through our products it is possible for you to grasp how it felt to be a WWII-era soldier and to know what unique capabilities and characteristics each weapon had. It is even possible to re-create the battles and tactical situations these soldiers faced. Rest assured, we will be here to help you to experience WWII history on level never seen before.