About has been founded from a life-long personal interest in World War II infantry units and some of the spectacular ground battles that took place in course of the war.

Year 2004 saw the release of this site that brings many of the best WWII small arms replicas in Japan into anyone's reach. Our website is essentially for collectors. Here some very rare finds can occasionally be made, as these guns tend to be out of production more often than not. Some of the models displayed here date back to the 1980s!

There is a long tradition of World War II small arms replica manufacture here in Japan, where real firearms are impossible to obtain. Since the 1950s hundreds of thousands of replica small arms have been made in Japan, and World War II models have always been presented in great variety. You will find many of these models fascinating in detail and authenticity while their airsoft versions can be utilized for airsoft World War II re-enactment and combat games. The quality, realism, and details of these models are unsurpassed outside Japan - the best of our models are on display at war museums and used in World War II movie productions.

WWII truly was a conflict of enormous scale that most likely, hopefully, will never be seen again. This is probably why, 60 years later, it continues to grasp the imaginations of new generations. Now we can only read the stories of survivors and see the movies that try to re-create the era. However, when you handle some of the fantastic replicas that are available, such as, for example, a Shoei MG42 or CMC Kar 98k, you feel a whole lot more life in the stories you've read and movies you've seen about WWII. Better yet, having such excellent airsoft replicas in a re-enactment event or airsoft WWII game will give you a small personal experience of what that combat might have been like.

Our selection is ever growing and not everything is listed on the website. Feel free to inquire about even the most difficult to get items since we can source out-of-production airsoft and model guns that might be impossible to get outside of Japan.

Our Operating Principles

Availability of items

Item availabilities are listed in product profiles next to category "Availability." In-stock items can be shipped as soon as possible while "On order" indicates that we can get the item in 2-3 business days. If there is any change in the availability since the last update of the product profile we will advise you immediately.

Delivery of orders

We ship all orders via the Japanese postal service. Generally all in-stock orders will ship within five business days of payment received via bank-to-bank transfers and credit card payments. Japanese Postal Office insurance is included in shipping of every package.

All airsoft guns shipped to the US will have a bright orange muzzle (length about 2cm from the tip). All airsoft guns shipped to Italy will have a red orange muzzle (length about 2cm from the tip).

Payments of orders

We accept bank-to-bank transfers, money orders (Escrow), online checks, cashier checks (Escrow), VISA, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, Master Card and JCB credit cards, PayPal,eChecks (via PayPal) and Escrow.

Direct money orders, direct checks and cash payments are not accepted.


Used Item Condition

We only stock used items that are in good or near new condition. The items have been tested to be in full operating condition.

I hope you find this website and the best WWII replica guns that Japan has to offer to be enjoyable and useful to your hobby. Various quotes and pieces of history can be found from the corners of this website to remind the younger generations how World War II was to those brave people that lived it.

All the best in your World War II interests.