WWII Guns Beginner's Guide to recreating soldiers & battles of World War II

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5. Organizing

Maintaining World War II living history or gaming group usually takes only one dedicated member who keeps other members informed about gatherings, rules and other activities. Many groups like to employ websites, if nothing else than to show their stuffs and what they are all about. What is important is to set requirements concerning authenticity of the equipment used. Many substandard or erroneous replicas and reproductions can be found from the market and some individuals do not have initially the mindset for accurate equipment so leader of the group usually sets the accuracy level from the beginning.


Cap firing and non-firing model guns


Model guns are even more realistic in appearance than airsoft guns. Materials used are often more genuine (wood and metal instead of plastic) and internals are very real like unlike in airsoft guns that need substantially different mechanism to fire the BBs. Therefore the prices are sometimes higher than airsoft gun models.


Model guns come in two flavors, cap firing and non-firing. Cap firing model guns utilize brass-made Plug Fire Cartridges (PFC) that have internal firing pin mechanism to ignite 5mm or 7mm caps to create movie-like firing effect. The firing effect consist of firing sound, smoke, muzzle flash (in certain models) and automatic ejection of used cartridge (unless the gun is bolt-action). The firing effect is very impressive and real-like in indoors with hand guns and submachine guns.


The firing effect of cap firing model guns is very impressive and real-like in indoors with hand guns and submachine guns. Our customers have been very impressed by the model gun (both cap firing and non-firing) details, functionality, real-gun like features and appearance. Many of the model guns are used in war museum displays, movie productions and in private weapon collections.

Required items to use model gun:

  • Model gun
  • Plug Fire Cartridges (PFC)*
  • Caps*
* = Not required for non-firing models
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