Opening special


To celebrate our opening on 09.07.2004 we have added some extremely rare models to our online catalogue. These models are one-off pieces that are now in stock and probably will not be available again.

Models that have been added are commemorative ACG Baby Nambu (Admiral Yamamoto edition), commemorative Herman Goering Kriegshoff Presentation Luger P08 and Asahi Macshinengewehr 34 (MG34). All models are in exceptional near new condition and are considered to be exteremely rare thesedays.

Baby Nambu (Admiral Yamamoto edition)
Herman G÷ring Kriegshoff Presentation Luger P08
Asahi Maschinengewehr 34 (MG34)

Other new items have been added to the accessory section such as ZFG-42 sight and extra ammo to our FG42 models.

Keep coming back to see what's new because more items are being uploaded.