Christmas shipping information & price increase for 2008


We have two important announcements for Christmas gift buyers and for those who are planning to make purchases in near future.

Christmas shipping information

Orders for in-stock items must be made and paid by following dates if you wish to receive the package before Christmas.

Orders by economy air - December 3rd
Orders by EMS express mail - December 13th

Stock statuses have been updated across the site so they are up-to-date as of today and we will keep updating them frequently but if in doubt please check with us before ordering. You can email us at

Price increase notice

Most of model prices will increase from January 8th 2008. This is due increased material costs of brass, zinc, plastic, etc. and in case of used models the general scarcity of models available. Orders made before January 8th 2008 will be sold with current prices and orders made after January 8th 2008 will be sold with new increased prices.

Price increases will affect for certain models listed below:

German NCO MP-40 "Schmeisser" Full Set 2nd Edition [Cap firing model gun]
German NCO MP-40 "Schmeisser" Full Set 3rd Edition [Cap firing model gun]
German NCO MP-40 "Schmeisser" Full Set 4th Edition [Cap firing model gun]
Thompson M1A1 Full Set [Cap firing model gun]
MP-40 Pre-built & tuned [Cap firing model gun]
MP-40 assembled version [Non-firing model gun]
MP-40 [Cap firing model gun kit]
MP41 [Cap firing model gun]
MP44 / Sturmgewehr 44 (Stg44) [Airsoft Blowback]
Thompson M1A1 New version [Cap firing model gun]
Thompson M1921 Military Type [Cap firing model gun]
Thompson Model 1921 (M1921) "Chicago type" Limited Edition [Cap firing model gun
Sten Mark II - Carbine, Machine, Sten [Cap firing model gun]
PPSh-41 Heavy Weight New Model [Cap firing model gun]

Already increased model prices include all FG42, MP44, MKb 42 (H) and G43 variant used model guns and MG42 nitroair machine gun.

Keep checking back for additional updates, new model releases and special offers!