Revamped store, new store categories & Christmas offers


Our store has been revamped for better browsing experience and at the same time we have created two new categories that were much needed.

Spare part category contains at the moment spare parts for MP40 cap firing model gun kit and we will be soon adding other spare parts of Thompson M1A1 cap firing model gun, Thompson M1921, MP44 model gun, MG42, etc. of which we are stocking presently (these can be inquiried via email as well until we have added them to the website).

As for the new in-development model category we have two new models that are about to be released next week. They are specifically Mosin Nagant M1891/30 sniper version (very limited quantity) and the Tanaka Arisaka Type 38 that follows the success of Tanaka Arisaka Type 99.

Other previously unannounced models are now also listed at the in-development model category and most of the new in-development models will be added from now-on to that category once they are moving to closer to actual release date.

Finally please keep checking our Crazy Christmas Sale campaigns as new products are upped periodically during this month until Christmas.

WWII Guns Crazy Christmas Sale
Today's new additions!

9mm Pistole 08 (P08) “Luger” [Non-firing model gun]
Only two will be sold!

Colt Government M1911A1 Blowback Heavy Weight [Cap firing model gun]
Only one will be sold!

Mauser M712 "Schnellfeuer" [Cap firing model gun]
Only one will be sold!

Tokyo Marui Colt Goverment M1911A1 High Grade Hop Up [Airsoft spring pistol]
Only 10 will be sold!

Tokyo Central Hobbies Crazy Christmas Sale
Today's new additions!

TOP M60 Deluxe Electric Machine Gun
Only one unit will be sold!