Christmas & new year holiday announcement


Christmas & new year holiday announcement

We’d like to thank you all of our customers and partners for your business and cooperation with us which has been much appreciated and we look forward to work with you again on 2008!

We will be bringing you new WWII gun models and accessories on year 2008 and our line of services and products will expand to even greater range. So please keep checking back for what we have in store for year 2008!

We will be on Christmas holiday until Thursday 12/27/07.

Our New Year holidays are Saturday 12/29/07 – Sunday 1/7/07.

Normal business will resume from Monday 1/8/07.

2008 price increase note
Please note that due to increased raw material costs of brass, zinc and plastic many gun model and their accessories prices will increase from January 8th! Orders placed and paid before January 8th will be delivered with old prices.

Crazy Christmas sale closing date
Christmas sale will officially close on 24th. Orders placed by that date will be delivered with the prices shown unless item has sold out.

M3A1 Grease Gun – 12pcs left
Thompson M1921 Chicago Full Set – 4pcs left
Thompson M1921 Military Type – LAST
FN Browning High Power M1935 [Cap firing model gun] – 2pcs left
Maschinengewehr 42 (MG42) [Automatic Electric Gun Kit] – LAST
Tanaka Arisaka Type 99 sample model – LAST
KTW Mosin Nagant M1891/30 [Bolt-action airsoft] - LAST