Announcement: New website released


We are pleased to inform you all that our new improved 2.0 website is now live. Our old website dated four years back and for a good while we had wanted to replace it with an improved one that would provide clearer navigation and more expansive features as well as have distinctive World War II atmosphere.

You might notice the lack of authentic WWII photographs. Instead of recycling the authentic but too-many-times-seen photos we thought to create 100% original visuals. In addition, our customers also sent in reenactment photos of which were utilized (see the details of our ongoing contest later in this email). We hope the result is refreshing and eye-pleasing browsing experience!

As for the products in our site we continue to work hard to provide more details, photos and video to help you to understand their appearance, features and mechanisms. This is on-going work (actually never-ending!) and we will keep you updated as we add material to the site.

See our new-look store!

To celebrate our new website opening we will give you 10% discount on any order you place with us between January 18th and January 31st.

Release campaign January 18th – January 31st 2008
Discount coupon code: new20

You will receive 10% discount on products and shipping costs including from already discounted products such as MG42, Thompson M1A1, MP40, etc.

NEW SERVICE: Special requests
Special request page

As a special service we provide the following:
* Special modifications to models seen at our website. These special modifications include modification of firing models to non-firing standard, partial disassembly, etc.
* Wide variety of gun models that are not listed at our website. We have more WWII gun models available as well as wide range of gun models covering time eras from 1930s to present day
* Spare parts that are not yet listed at our website
* Plug fire cartridges, dummy cartridges, magazines and other accessories that are not listed at our website
* Discounted bulk orders
* Consultation and supplying of movie & game productions

Tie ups page

We are interested in tie ups with movie, game and event productions. Please contact us today to discuss opportunities to utilize our products in your production and organization.

NEW SERVICE: Sponsorships

We are interested to sponsor independent WWII movie productions, WWII related websites, living history/reenactor groups and organizations and other individuals and groups that are actively preserving history of WWII for future generations.

NOW HIRING: World War II buffs & hobbyists

Are you a passionate World War II buff who enjoys writing? We are now hiring on consignment and work-from-home basis WWII hobbyists who can write and compile articles. Special interest to following topics are seen as an advantage but are not required:

· Infantry equipment & tactics
· Infantry weapons
· Living history & re-enactment

You would be commissioned to author approximately one article once a month. Send your application and sample work to

Please do not include attachment files. Email applications only.

Access detailed contest page here

The contest has been extended to January 31st 2008 due to not everyone being able to see our contest ad at end of last year.

Please send in photo or photos of your WWII impression and you can win Tanaka Mauser Kar 98k gas bolt-action rifle.

Please note that all submitted photos will be added to our new “Photos & video” area.

If you have any questions or require assistance please feel free to contact us.

Greetings from Tokyo, Japan

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