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All Thompsons include our new English language Owner's Manual and six .45ACP plug fire cartridges and a 20rnd magazine. Full Sets (see end of this email) come with full compliment of cartridges, 20 and 30rnd magazines and 7mm caps which will let you rip loose the full firepower of Thompson submachine gun.

Thompson M1A1 New version [Cap firing model gun]
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Made in Japan
Operating principle: Cap firing model gun, PFC
Availability: In stock, new

New! Comes now with English Owner's Manual.

The Thompson M1A1 is an true legend of World War II. It was most often seen in hands of tough NCOs who had the tough job of getting their men to fight effectively in face of enemy fire.

Thompson M1A1 is one of those coveted and in some respect prestigious infantry small arms of World War II. For the GIs the Thompson M1A1 marked special status as not everyone was issued with one. In WWII militaries typically only NCOs carried submachine guns and Thompson's weapon had already gathered fame during the 1920s unrest in United States.

The M1A1 was military version of Thompson's original privately funded M1928 gun. In M1A1 the firing pin and hammer were removed and replaced with machining replacement firing pin to the face of bolt. The M1A1 production commenced at the end of 1942 and more than 1.3 million were made.

Thompson M1A1 cap firing model gun appearance is very much like real Thompson M1A1 thanks to the realistic materials and style of finish used. Detailed product that includes identical-to-real operating mechanism (loading, cocking, fire selector) and realistic stampings in receiver. Military veterans who have bought this model from us credit it to be EXACTLY like real.

Not only does this Thompson M1A1 model look exactly like real it fires real-size .45ACP plug fire cartridges to create movie-like firing effect. Used shells eject like real, sparks fly from chamber and smoke is generated from each shot. Firing sound is quite loud and resembles real gun firing.

Full automatic firing capability combined with full metal and real wood construction make this one of the best Thompson M1A1 model guns in the market. Uses realistic real-size .45 caliber PFC cartridges. Spare cartridges, 20rnd and 30rnd extra magazines are available (see accessories section). Can be disassembled.

Features summary:
* Realistic metal and wood construction, looks exactly like real
* Incredibly well detailed, including receiver stampings
* Operates and functions exactly like real
* Fires blank-like plug fire cartridges in full automatic
* Spent shell ejection, smoke, sparks and firing sound are generated
* Can be disassembled
* Both 20rnd and 30rnd magazines available
* English Owner's Manual (by WWII Guns)

Highly recommended for all WWII Thompson M1A1 fans


Thompson M1A1 Full Set [Cap firing model gun]
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This special WWII Guns set offers total firepower of Thompson M1A1 in one complete set. Comes with 84pcs of .45ACP plug fire cartridges to fill two 30rnd magazines and one 20rnd magazine that are included as well. Includes the necessary 7mm caps for the cartridges.