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FN Browning M1910 [Non-firing model gun]

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Made in Japan
Operating principle: Non-firing model gun
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The M1910 was a intriquing pistol design from the legendary John Browning. Since American manufacturer Colt did not want to produce Browning's design, Browning chose to patent and produce it in Europe only. It incorporated the standard Browning striker-firing mechanism and a grip safety along with a magazine safety and an external safety lever (known as the "triple safety") in a compact package. Between two World Wars these pistols became very popular across Europe as a police, military and self-defence guns.

Due its extremely compact size the FN Browning M1910 was widely used by Luftwaffe personnel but it was also seen in hands of army personnel.

This is a non-firing model gun that can be loaded like real. Excellent real-like appearance, details and feel. Comes with dummy cartridges.