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Tokyo Marui Colt Government M1911A1 Gas Blowback Set
$99.00 24 PIECES ONLY.

· Includes Tokyo Marui Pro Goggles · Includes bag of Excel 0.23g BB

One of the most outstanding gas-operated airsoft pistols around, the Tokyo Marui Colt Government M1911A1 is a plug-and-play type airsoft weapon that needs no tinkering or familiarization. Realistic blowback does not sacrifice practical performance as this pistol has excellent combat range thanks to the excellent Tokyo Marui hop up mechanism. This M1911A1 is a perfect example of Tokyo Marui’s “quality with a reasonable price” product strategy. Markings are authentic all-across as are the functions. Can be disassembled like real.

Colt Government M1911A1 Blowback Heavy Weight Kit [Cap firing model gun]

This kit also provides interesting insight to the construction of the famous Colt M1911A1 pistol as mechanism and internal parts resemble are very similar to the real one. However this model is completely safe to own as due to materials used in manufacture this model gun cannot be converted to fire real ammunition etc. Consists of 106 parts. Semiautomatic firing action, cocking, disassembly and firing are exactly as with real Colt M1911A1. Five .45ACP replica plug fire cartridges are included with the kit. Powerful firing action thanks to the 7mm cap.

9mm Pistole 08 (P08) "Luger" Metal Blue Finish Limited Edition [Gas blowback airsoft]

Featuring beatiful oil finish and real wooden grips this Limited Edition P-08 Luger gas blowback pistol offers stylish addition to anyones collection.

Gas powered blowback action moves the lever back when the gun is fired and this action produces realistic recoil similar to real light caliber pistol. Although the frame is made of ABS plastic the stylish oil finish gives it authentic appearance. This models real wood grips have been textured to great detail and further increase the level of realistic atmosphere for this replica Luger. Great for collectors, display and airsoft gaming.

Thompson M1921 Military Type, New version
Normal price $695.00, order yours now for $493.00 only!

Full metal & wood parts. Reliable firing action!

Fully functional PFC firing model gun version of military service Thompson M1921. Although it didn't feature prominently in World War II, the M1921 is intriguing collectors piece as only around 15,000 were ever made in 1920s. Real wood furniture and full metal construction. Can fire in full automatic and can be fully disassembled like real Thompson M1921.

Extra 30rnd long stick magazines, 39rnd drum magazines and .45cal PFC cartridges are stocked and can be found from accessories section.

· Comes with 20rnd magazine, ten .45ACP plug fire cartridges and 100pcs of 7mm caps