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MP44 / Sturmgewehr 44 (Stg44) '08 version [Automatic Electric Air Gun]

Made in Japan
Operating principle: Automatic Electric Air Gun
Ammunition: 6mm BB
Note about availability: On order only
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New 2008 release. Custom manufactured automatic electric gun that is fully metal and wood made and features a wholly new designed pistol grip for motor and a 480 BB hi-capacity magazine. Manufactured in collaboration with Shoei this model has a excellent part quality and fit. This 2008 release model does not have a plastic receiver like the old discontinued Shoei AEG conversion kits. This model has fully operational Tokyo Marui automatic electric gun version 2 gearbox mechanism inside which allows 750rds/minute rate of fire and 40-50 meters effective range. Standard Tokyo Marui 8.4v 600mAh battery is good for 1500 rounds. Muzzle velocity is about 80m/s with 0.20g BB (we do not offer higher velocities due to Japanese regulation).

Magazines are visually exact copies of real MP44 magazines and have familiar hi-cap roll-system located at bottom covered by magazine plate. Capacity is 480 BBs. Standard Shoei airsoft nitroair blowback MP44 magazines will not fit without modification.

Of the various MP44 AEGs made so far this custom manufacture model is the most high quality.

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MP40 Full Metal Classic CP-type [Cap firing model gun]

Made in Japan
Operating principle: Cap firing model gun (PFC), real size cartridges & operation
Availability: In, stock, used, in excellent condition

This is a fully-functioning plug fire cartridge firing model gun replica that can be operated and field-stripped like the real one. You are viewing a vintage Marushin full-metal version of MP40 model gun that has not been made for thirty years.

Unlike the most models still available in the market this is a plug fire cartridge firing model that uses the more modern CP-type PFC cartridges (to be used with 7mm caps). Only one model is available and we do not expect to have more available.

Thanks to the full-metal construction, this replica weighs over 4kgs unloaded, which makes it a very realistic collectable. Even the front-heavy balance of the real MP40 is evident, and text-book Wehrmacht reloading techniques should be used. This MP40 model gun can be shot in full automatic.

Includes original packing, 10 PFC cartridges and a sling.

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P08 4inch Luger Engraved Coded42 [Non-firing model gun]

Made in Japan
Operating principle: Non-firing model gun that can cycle and eject dummy cartridges like the real Luger. Identical loading and firing action to real Luger.
Availability: In stock, new

New 2008 release. Comes with dummy cartridges and wood grips. Full metal and wood construction.

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S&W .38 Special Victory Model 5" barrel, Limited Edition [Cap firing model gun]

Made in Japan
Operating principle: Cap firing model gun, realistic functions of real gun (field takedown, cocking, etc.). Ammunition: PFC cartridges and caps
Availability: In stock, new. Limited Edition, after sold no more will be made. LAST STOCK.

Functions like real and fires like real! Real-like cartridges! Authentic markings all across.

Although the S&W .38 Special is one of the most widely used revolvers in the world S&W .38 Special "Victory Model" has become a collector's piece. It was supplied primarily to Allied intelligence agencies, resistance forces (through Britain) and various security agencies.

Britain was the main recipent of the deliveries from United States under Lend-Lease agreement.

This particular model gun replica is based on model VS811119 (circa 1945) and features real American walnut grips. Military Police lanyard ring is, of course, included.

Other features include serial numbering, heavy weight build and reissue vintage box!

Comes with 6 .38SPL cartridges.

Last stock!

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