New release: Mauser M712 Carbine


Made in Japan
Operating principle: Non-firing model gun that can cycle and eject dummy cartridges like the real Mauser M712.

This 2008 Mauser M712 carbine release has a die-cast metal parts and walnut wood furniture. Identical loading and firing action to real M712. Has a working fire selector, trigger, hammer, safety and cocking lever.

Comes with ten dummy 7.63mm cartridges and a magazine loading clip. Magazine is standard 10-round short magazine.

Across the receiver are authentic Mauser logos and markings that are used under license from Mauser.

Mauser logo
Waffenfabrik Mauser
Oberndorf a.Neckar
Various other production markings

Lenght: 877mm
Weight: 1900g
Magazine capacity: 10 dummy 7.63mm cartridges

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