M3A1 Grease Gun cap firer summer sale


This affordable full set is a great way to enter the world of fully-automatic cap-firing model guns. The M3A1 Grease gun cap firing model gun t is great fun to shoot - the blowback recoil is powerful and with sparks and spent shells flying all over the place it is as if you are firing the real thing!

Made in Japan
Operating principle: Cap firing model gun
Ammunition: .45ACP PFC model gun cartridges and 7mm caps
Availability: In stock, new

Includes now English manual and production-improved magazine.The M3 “Grease Gun” (more formally, the U.S. Submachine Gun, Cal. .45, M3/M3A1,) was a submachine gun developed by the United States during World War II as a cheaper substitute for the Thompson. It was nicknamed “the Grease Gun” because of its resemblance to an automotive grease gun.

Although Thompson submachine guns were kept in service throughout World War Two, M3 Grease Guns were provided in a quantity to equip all necessary troops with submachine guns.

US Army soldier firing the Grease Gun

This 3rd edition model features newly designed magazine for improved firing action. Receiver and barrel are of ABS plastic. The M3A1 Grease Gun is one of the most affordable fully automatic cap firing model guns in our selection. Recommended for value PFC submachine gun purchase!

See accessories section for spare magazines , .45ACP plug fire cartridges and 7mm caps.

M3A1 Grease Gun cap firing model gun
Production-improved 30rnd magazine
6 .45ACP plug fire cartridges
7mm caps 200pcs
Exclusive English Owner's Manual

Caliber: 45ACP PFC
Lenght: 574-757mm
Weight: 1.55kgs (original)
Magazine capacity: 30 cartridges
Power: 7mm cap
Firing mechanism: Open bolt blowback system
Firing mode: Full automatic

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