Popular models back in stock!


9mm Pistole 08 (P08) “Luger” [Cap firing model gun]

The ever-popular 4inch barrel standard-issue P08 Luger cap firing model gun is now back in stock (they are becoming rare as time goes by)! On request we also provide special paint finished models that have realistic metal-like finish. Sleek finish and great firing action. Works and fires like real Luger (open-top blowback action). Includes CP-cartridges and a magazine. Coming soon in August: Exclusive English Manual with illustrations (the manuals will be provided free of charge to customers who have bought this model). Classic collectable Luger P08 cap firer. We also stock non-firing Lugers of new manufacture.

Available by special order only: Spare cartridges and magazines.

MGC M1911A1 .45 "US Army" Model [Cap firing model gun]

The handy, reliable and highly functional MGC Colt M1911A1 .45 US Army model is back in stock! Great looks and feel combined with reliable firing action make this pistol the weapon of choice for Allied side enthuasists. We also offer full set that comes with all the necessary accessories needed to fire this pistol. To learn more see our article about this product. Comes with realistic .45ACP CP-cartridges and a magazine. Features highly realistic government and US Army markings in slide as well as inspector etc. stampings in frame. Magazine bottom has also accurate markings.

Spare cartridges and magazines are all in stock and available for order.

Tokarev TT-33 Heavy Weight [Cap firing model gun]The Red Army standard sidearm for officers is now back in stock. We now also stock silver finished models of the same (not yet listed at the website - inquire via email).

Spare magazines and cartridges are all in stock and available for order.