World War II Guns Survey


World War II Guns survey
Help us to develop our site offerings and win store credit

Please take a part by e-mail in this 8-question survey and help us to develop our product selection and other aspects of the site. To offer something in back all participants enter contest to win $150 worth of store credit. Entries should be made by 31st of August 2004 by e-mail and winner will be e-mailed for details on the following day. The confirmed winner will be listed on the WWII Guns news.


1. Do you own any WWII model or airsoft replica guns?

2. How well do you consider yourself aware of the WWII model and airsoft replica guns (on scale 1-10, you may also write comments...)?

3. Which one you find more interesting, Axis or Allied guns?

4. Is there any particular gun that you would like to see in our selection?

5. Do you consider capability to shoot BBs (airsoft) or plug fire cartridges (caps/blanks) necessary in replicas and if yes, which one you prefer?

6. Are you planning to purchase from our selection? Please tell us your reason in both Yes and No replies.

7. Low-end replicas or high-end replicas? In other words, do you prefer quality and details to price or would you rather have more toy-like replicas with cheaper price?

8. How do you rate our site in overall?

You can e-mail us the replies with your name and e-mail address. We do not disclose this information to other parties. If you would like to receive new stock and site updates from us by e-mail please indicate so in email. By default we will NOT send email updates. Thanks for your interest to!