New release: M3A1 Grease Gun kit


You asked for it, we delivered! This new release is our most affordable full automatic cap firing model gun to date. At just $149.00 this assembly kit is terrific value for the money as it is really simple to assemble and it fires great in full auto. When fired the weapon produces great recoil, smoke, real-like firing sound while spent .45ACP cartridges and sparks fly everywhere. Such is the effect that this M3A1 will bring smile to any shooters face. This M3A1 is a great weapon to enjoy full auto shooting with.

Purchase M3A1 Grease Gun kit here

M3A1 Grease Gun kit uses the following accessories:
.45ACP 7mm cap blowback cartridges (6pcs)
7mm caps 100pcs
M3A1 Grease Gun spare magazine [PFC model gun]