IJA Type 96 Light Machine Gun Replica, Part II


Below you can see how the Type 96 light machine gun replicas are created.

The bipod with second-half style are used in this case, and it weights almost 1kg in total, including those the legs.

The most difficult part for subcontractors is making the head of bipods. It usually takes more than one month to do it (even when using NC system) and also, it is the second-most expensive process in manufacturing this model.
It might be interesting to know that the most expecive process is making the outer barrels.

Each bipod leg has a different shape of its bottom.
The one coming to the right hand side when folded has a round-shaped bottom due to avoid sticking a carrier's back.

The grips are carved using a method called "Suji bori".

All the Gunstocks are made of wood, which are called "Onigurumi".

Now, all the gun parts have been structured and the built model weights 7.5kg in total!

People often say that it is one kind of Japanese tradition to develop weapons to extraordinary artworks, and Type 96 is the best example.

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