M1 Garand Vintage Gas Blowback rifles are finally on sale!


M1 Garand Vintage Gas Blowback Rifle

This new 2009 Limited Edition "Vintage" model retains the walnut wood furniture of 2007 release and adds the "Vintage" metal part finish of the Marushin MP40 gas blowback series. As a result the rifle looks more real and "battle-worn" than the basic Marushin M1 Garand.

The Marushin M1 Garand gas blowback airsoft rifle features changeable supersonic barrel, all metal construction, wooden made stock and gas blowback recoil mechanism.

M1 Garand is first blowback model of Marushin's hard-hitting 8mm BB series. User can enjoy recoil and mechanism sound when the iron bolt operates in back and forth in blowback motion. Loading is done by inserting 8mm BBs into clip-type magazine and inserting clip into to the rifle like in real M1 Garand. After shooting the last bullet clip-shape magazine ejects like the real thing!

Full metal and wood construction. The clip ejection system works brilliantly and with it this excellent airsoft rifle brings alive the legendary M1 Garand rifle from World War II. Even the unique M1 Garand clip ejection sound has been replicated to this mechanism!

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