New release: Tanaka Mauser Kar 98K Cap Firing Model Gun


Tanaka is finally re-releasing their Mauser Kar 98k model gun as a cap firer. This is an superior choice for any one looking for an realistic Mauser Kar 98k replica.

Tanaka's highly succesful Mauser Kar 98k gas airsoft rifle was actually based on this earlier model gun design, but one can see even more realistic materials and surface finish in this replica model gun version. This 2009 production version promises to offer an brilliant option for anyone that desires top-of-the-market Mauser Kar 98k replica.

The newly designed 7.92mm replica plug fire cartridges have been made look exactly like real and add to the realism of this rifle. The cartridges use standard 7mm caps and are fired exactly like real - fed into to the chamber by bolt-action and squeezing the trigger to fire. Empty cartridges are ejected out like in the real Mauser.

Safety is functional and the sights are adjustable. Everything has been made of real metal or wood as in real Mauser. Especially the wood furniture and metal butt plate have been very well made.


* Extremely hiqh quality wood furniture
* Superior build and surface finish compared to any Mauser Kar 98k replica in the market
* Fully working bolt-action system - operates and fires exactly like the real Mauser
* Newly designed realistic replica 7.92mm plug fire cartridges
* Disassembles like real

Price: 840.76 USD
Release date: September

Pre-order with reduced price