New production run: MG42 Blowback & Display Models


New production run of the popular MG42 replica has commenced. Pre-order yours today from this limited production! We are offering two versions of this model, the MG42 nitroair blowback and the MG42 non-firing display model.

Gallery 1: Muzzle & barrel jacket
Notice the beatiful shape of parts, the well-made cooling holes of the barrel jacket and the mount for air-defence sight (available as optional part).

Gallery 2: Bipod
Notice the intricate details of the bipod. The bipod is fully functional and attaches and removes like real.

Gallery 3: Receiver, cocking handle, feed tray, rear-sight, barrel exchange lever & grip assembly
Notice the extremely well-detailed receiver, functional cocking handle (operates exactly as in real MG42), superb stamping job of the rear-sight, real wooden grip of high quality and the functional barrel exchange lever. One of the photos display the inside mechanism for blowback and BB firing. The mechanism is not present in display versions although trigger remains functional.

Gallery 4: Ammunition belt & dummy cartridges
What would the MG42 be without the ammunition belt? Here you see real 50rnd ammunition belt attached with dummy cartridges. Real 25rnd ammunition belt and ten (10) dummy cartridges are included with this replica. Spare ammunition belts and cartridges are available as optional accessories.

Gallery 5: Stock
The stock is made of real wood and is extremely well finished with all the butt groovings in place. It can be disassembled in seconds - exactly like in real MG42.

Gallery 6: Side profile
This MG42 model is so large that it is difficult to photograph it in its entire beauty. With its impressive authentic 1:1 size it does make a really impressive display piece and is even suited for combat gaming. Some have wondered the high price of this replica, but once one understands the extremely high quality of materials and workmanship, superb small details and all the realistic features, the price will turn out to be very reasonable in the end.

MG42 nitroair blowback
MG42 non-firing display model

Spare 25rnd ammunition belts
Spare dummy cartridges
Spare 250 BB magazine for blowback model
Optional air-defense sight (not included with the gun)

Nitroair tank system for the blowback model is sold by separate company in the United States. Please contact us for details.