IJA Special New Releases #1: Arisaka Type 38 Rifle, Type 44 Carbine & Type 99 Sniper rifles now released!


Here is first installment of our Imperial Japanese Army campaign. New release products Arisaka Type 38 Rifle , Type 44 Carbine & Type 99 Sniper rifles are all now available in our armory!

NEW RELEASE: Tanaka Arisaka Type 99 Sniper Rifle [Replica bolt-action airsoft]

You are viewing a new sniper variant of the Tanaka Arisaka Type 99 bolt-action rifle. The telescopic sight is a accurate and functional replica of the real.

Features beatifully crafted real wood stock with real-like partition, foldable wire monopod, 2.5x magnifying telescope sight, 10 shot magazine and an adjustable hop up unit.

See our special article for full details and photos of the basic Tanaka Arisaka Type 99 rifle.

Spare magazines, ammo, gas and a dust cover are available in the Axis accessories section.

Technical data

Lenght: 1,115mm
Weight: 3,200g
Caliber: 6mm BB
Magazine capacity: 10 BB
Gas type: HFC134a
Hop Up: Adjustable
Materials: Real wood and metal
Muzzle velocity: 70m/s w/0.20g BB, 231 FPS w/0.20g BB

NEW RELEASE: Tanaka Type 44 Carbine Cavalry Rifle [Replica cap firing model gun]

This rifle is often referred to as a Type 44 Carbine. It was a development of the Arisaka Type 38 Cavalry Rifle, the main difference being the bayonet is a needle type and it can be folded backwards and locks underneath the barrel. The Type 44 also included a compartment in the buttstock for which to store a unique two-piece cleaning rod. The cleaning rod storage compartment was accessed via an ingenious rotating door.

This extremely high quality replica has a exact copy of the Arisaka wood furniture and has a functional replica spike bayonet. It operates and fires exactly like the real Arisaka Type 44. Using specially designed 6.5mm plug fire cartridges and firing caps it produces authentic smoke, sparks and firing sound when fired. Spent cartridge ejects like real, along with smoke, when the bolt is operated after firing. Collectors won't be disappointed with this top-of-the-line replica.

NEW RELEASE: Tanaka Arisaka Type 38 [Replica cap firing model gun]

This cap firing model gun replica is from the same Tanaka Arisaka rifle series and thus it features the same extremely high quality partioned wood furniture as well as incredibly well-made small details across the gun. It works exactly like real, including firing action that produces smoke, sparks and firing sound.

Lenght: 1,275mm
Weight: 4kg
Caliber: 6.5mm Plug Fire Cartridge
Magazine capacity: 5 cartridges