NEW: FG42/I sniper sets with a ZFG42 scope


Now available: New sniper version of the FG42/I model that comes with a replica ZFG42 scope (new brass vintage finish type or black finish - your choice), new replica leather sling and 10 additional dummy cartridges.

Above you can see the FG42/I replica model fitted with a replica ZFG42 telescopic sight and a replica leather FG42 sling. In the foreground you can see replica dummy cartridges and a replica FG42 magazine bandolier. These are all availabe as options.

Above you can see close up shot of the replica ZFG42 sight (brass vintage finish type).

Due to many requests in the past we are pleased to announce that new production run of ZFG42 replica telescopic sight has been finally completed. Available both in brass vintage and black color. For the first two buyers we offer the whole set (FG42/I with ZFG42, extra ammo and a new replica leather sling) for just $1,600.00!

Brass vintage finish type

Black finish type

Also now available: new FG42 brass finish dummy cartridges and a new production replica FG42 bandolier that is a very rare find.

All of the items mentioned have been made in very limited quantities and are expected to sell out soon.