Important announcement: Price increases


To all customers,

Due to continued depreciation of US Dollar and appreciation of Japanese Yen we are under heavy pressure to increase our pricing and to switch currencies in which we sell (almost all of our items are Made in Japan, hence the importance of Japanese Yen). The acquisition prices of our gun products have also steadily increased in the past two years due to combination of increased material costs and supply shortage of items that have been discontinued many years ago or as recent as in last few months. Therefore, our prices will be increased between 10-30% on nearly all items starting from February 1st, 2010. This leaves a period of ten days in which to shop with our old prices.

We apologize for having to significantly increase pricing in this economic climate, but we will do our best to continue to provide our popular flagship items with the lowest prices in the market as to provide low-cost means for beginners to try out these exciting and intriguing WWII firearm replicas.

If you have been considering purchasing some of our items now is the last chance before prices are increased significantly. Please note that these price increases affect all of our company's divisions.

Best regards,
Miki Nakamura
President & Founder
WWII Guns, division of Tokyo Toy Distribution

P.S. On product release news, the U.S. M1897 Trench Shotgun is now available again (this time with American Walnut stock) and we have stocked limited quantity of high quality factory assembled Enfield No.2 Mk I revolvers. Meanwhile, there is consideration to make new features to the MG42 display model production, including drum magazine modification to the feed tray and new barrel manufacturing process, among others.

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