New February releases #2: PPSh-41 Automatic Electric Gun (AEG)


PPSh-41 [Replica Airsoft Automatic Electric Gun]

Made in Taiwan
Operating principle: Battery powered automatic electric airsoft gun that fires 6mm BBs in full automatic

Many have long awaited for this... a mass produced high quality full metal and wood PPSh-41 AEG for all the WWII airsoft re-enactment fans.

This new Automatic Electric Gun design will be released on mid-February 2010. Pre-order yours now!


• Electric Blowback System
• Easy Power Upgrade System
• New Metal Gearbox Design
• One-Piece Stamped Steel Body
• Highly Realistic Details


Battery type: 9.6V 1500mAH mini (2/3A) Nunchuck
Ammunition capacity: 2000rds (6mm BB)
Firing mode: Full Auto / Semi
Materials: Steel + Wood
Motor: High Torque Flat Motor
Hop Up: Adjustable
Length: 850mm
Weight: 3650g