Elan/Rokken Limited Edition Colt M1911A1 U.S. Army .45 The G.I. Colt


Elan Limited Edition Colt M1911A1 U.S. Army .45 "The G.I. Colt" [Non-firing]
Made in Japan
Operating principle: Non-firing model gun

For the true collectors only...who can understand the masterpiece production.

Rokken/Elan’s 10th anniversary limited edition model is the Colt M1911A1. Rokken is well known by many replica gun freaks in Japan for its super realistic detail.

The Elan’s Rokken Government series features high-density materials which are used to manufacture the slide and the frame, making the model weigh similar to real guns. This M1911A1 is lavishly made out of a new material which is also mixed in the same proportion used in “Tungsten” (rare metal). Without loading the cartridges, this model weighs 1,022g. Loaded weight is 1,147g, which is almost the same weight and balance of the real gun. With the military-like “Dual Parker Finish” coated on the surface, this model has the potential to startle the owner, as if he is holding a real one.

Also, it should be noted that real M1911A1 grips are included.

The feature of this M1911A1 is not only the choice of materials, but smooth operating action and upgrade of the barrel by improving the metal pattern. Thanks to the beautiful coating of the model, many would want to leave this model completely untouched and only for display. This coating has been supplemented with dual parker finish to give it an added "real M1911A1" feel and a worn appearance.

The special features do not stop here, as there are more to this model. Steel cutting barrel bushing has been used for curving and this anniversary M1911A1 model comes with new magazine that has been designed against lip deformation and rusting.

B.W.C special made grip panel is from real firearm and a RIGHT-made replica military grade ball ammunition is included

This is a limited edition production.


Length: 220mm
Width: 35mm
Magazine capacity: 7rnds
Height; 138mm
Weight; 1,022g