Browning M1919A4 .30cal & Panzerfaust 60 replicas coming soon!


Soon here! M1919A4 Browning .30cal complete replica and the legendary Panzerfaust 60 as a full-size replica! These two models are coming from new manufacturers outside Japan, but we are quite excited about having the two legendary weapon systems of WWII finally for sale! Only limited quantities available of both.

Browning M1919A4 with M2 tripod [Replica Automatic Electric Gun]


Made in China
Operating principle: Automatic Electric Gun

Many of you have asked for it and now it is here! Replica of the famous Browning M1919A4 .30cal machine gun that featured so heavily throughout World War II. We have received requests of this weapon in vehicle mounts, aircraft versions, tripod mounts and more. Use this model to arm your Jeep or private tank.!

This replica of M1919A4 has been designed for airsoft gaming, but is also suitable for display purposes only. Made fully out of metal and including the impressive M2 tripod, this product weights hefty 11kgs in total! Limited production. Now accepting pre-orders.


* Built material: Steel / Aluminum
* Caliber: 6mm BB
* Capacity: 2500 BBs
* Firing mode: Full automatic
* Weight: M1919A4 6kgs, M2 Tripod 5kgs
* Battery: 9.6v, not included
* Package includes: Gun, ammo box, tripod

Panzerfaust 60 [Real-size replica]


You are viewing a real-size Panzerfaust 60 replica. Full metal manufacture with authentic markings all across the weapon. This legendary anti-tank rocket launcher was issued in huge numbers to German front-line infantry from 1944 onwards to deal primarily with Soviet armor. However, it was also used in extensive numbers at other fronts and for wide variety of purposes.