World War II M1 Carbine [Non-firing model gun]


The M1 Carbine was a semi-automatic carbine developed to be small and light in order to replace the venerable M1911 pistol that was often provided to vehicle and heavy weapon crews. Chambered to relatively powerful .30ACP round and being semi-automatic, the M1 Carbine was yet another example of superior firepower available to the average American infantry of WWII. It stayed in the U.S. service to see extensive action in Korea and Vietnam.

This fine M1 Carbine was completely sold out until very, very recently, making its availability rare. It has a full metal and wood build, making it a highly realistic M1 Carbine replica.

Technical Specifications
Made in Japan
Operating principle: Non-firing model gun
Ammunition: .30ACP PFC model gun cartridges and caps
Availability: ONE IN STOCK!... RARE!
Condition: Second Hand