Walther PP Heavy Weight Model


The Walther PP series pistols are blowback-operated semi-automatic pistols, most commonly made famous thanks to James Bond. The PP was released in 1929 and was popular with European police and civilians, as they were easily concealable and reliable.

The PP (Polizeipistole) was a larger version of the PPK, with a longer grip and barrel and larger magazine capacity. The PP was among the world's first successful double action semi-automatic pistols that were widely copied.

This model features a plug fire cartridge blowback with single and double action. It uses 5mm plug fire caps for 8 shots. Among the Walther PP series, this model served as the base for all other models.

Technical Specifications
Name: Walther PP (HW)
Type: Plug Fire Cartridge Blowback/ Single&Double action
Cap powder: 5mm Plug Fire Cap
Capacity: 8 shots
Length: 168mm
Weight: 450g

Made in Japan