NEW RELEASE: Replica Walther P-38 ac.43 dummy cartridge


This fully licensed and fully functional replica of Walther P-38 ac.43 is a dream come true for those who would like to own this classic piece of German WWII weaponry. On sale in August 2010.

Walther P-38 ac.43 [Replica non-firing model gun]

Made in Japan
Operating principle: Dummy cartridge model. Can cycle & chamber realistic 9mm dummy replica cartridges. Operates and disassembles exactly like real.

New, highly detailed and realistic replica version of Walther P38 is now available from Japan. Features realistic slide, frame, barrel, and brass magazine.

Since it's not a blowback feature and doesn't use cap powder, this model is made of heavy weight materials. The surface of hte model has a black matte finish to it. On the Military Model, both the grip and the surface has a blasted finish to it, and overall gives it a real gun-like finish.

The license from Walther has allowed exact replication of the original and this makes the authenticity in the designing of the model nearly impossible to spot the difference between replica and the real.

And even though it is a dummy cartridge version, the interior parts are the same as the early cap fire blowback models (which we also stock). It features working hammered cocking mechanisms and indicators. Included is a brass metal magazine that fits 8 replica 9mm cartridges that come with the gun.

Key Features
- Rocking block short recoil system (cannot fire, will manually cycle cartridges)
- Double-action
- Hammer cocking mechanism
- A classic and historical piece of machinery to once again enjoy

Technical Specifications:
Name: Walther P38 Dummy Cartridge Model Mat Black Heavy Weight
Variations: Military / Commercial
Function: Dummy Cartridge Manual / Single & Double Action
Cap Powder: None
Capacity: 8 shots
Power Source: Manual (by hand)
Length: 215mm
Weight: 590g

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