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Maschinenkarabiner 42(H) (MKb42) [Model Gun] In stock
Price: $1750


Mkb42 was the precessedor of the famed Sturmgewehr 44 (MP44). Only 11,833 Mkb42s were ever made during WWII and even this model gun is extremely rare. The quality of construction is museum-quality just like the FG42 of same replica series. Only 200pcs have ever been made of Mkb42 (H) replica series and we have limited number in stock as of 12/29/04.

Fully functional hiqh quality replica with full metal and real wood construction. Operates and field strips like the real one. Dummy cartridges are included in the product.

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Fallschirmjägergewehr 42/II (FG42) [Cap firing model gun]
Made in Japan
Operating principle: Cap firing model gun (PFC), real size cartridges & operation
Availability: Early 2005


This is museum quality replica of the late production Fallschirmjäger FG42 rifle. Sloping pistol grip has been replaced with more common type grip and bipod has been relocated more closer to the muzzle to improve firing balance. Front sight was protected in this version as was the magazine well (against dirt). Muzzle brake went through redesign as did many other parts of late production FG42s primarily due to critical resource situation in wartime Germany.

Fully functional replica with realistic features including field stripping, moving sights and folding bayonet. Can cycle dummy rounds or fire plug fire cartridges. Full metal and wood construction, used in museum displays.

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SGF M1 Garand
Not in stock
Price: $1625


SGF M1 Garand is realistic airsoft replica that has full metal and wood construction (made in Japan). With internal gas magazine system it can fire 6mm BBs. SGF M1 Garand might be of high price when compared to real M1 Garand, but this is product aimed for airsoft re-enactors and WWII gamers. After long wait release is expected to happen on February 2005. You can place reservation through our online shop.

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MP40 [Automatic Electric Gun] Not in stock
Price: $520


Long awaited high-end 9.6v battery powered airsoft MP40 with full auto fire capability. Early bird special price for those we place reservation for TOP MP40 electric gun. Steel press parts feature main receiver, magazine housing, front sight cover and butt plate. Metal folding stock and adjustable rear sight. Release will be finally done in January 2005, leave reservation now through online shop or email us.

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Maschinengewehr 42 (MG42)
In stock
Price: $1730


Maschinengewehr 42 (MG42) was one of the most succcesful infantry weapons of the second world war. It has been very difficult to find as replica. However not only we have the replica, but one with highly realistic blowback and capability to shoot BBs in full automatic. In practice this means that while you firing this replica of the "Hitler's Buzz Saw" it will recoil back and forth almost like the real thing! The recoil system aside, this weapon's finish is museum quality and comes from renowned replica manufacturer Shoei.

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MP44 Grenadier Set
In stock
Price: $2315

LAST STOCK OF MP44 RIFLE GRENADE SETS. No more will be available after sold out.

This is famous MP44 with rifle grenade attachment and dummy rifle grenade plus necessary accessories for firing this replica.

Grenadier Set includes:
MP44 magazine
MP44 rifle grenade attachment and dummy rifle grenade Air tank
3500pcs of Marui 0.20g BBs

Only one MP44 rifle grenade launcher attachment set is available. This is the last stock, no more will be made!

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