Updates in the armory & new article


Excellent condition vintage Marushin full metal MP40

A very rare excellent condition vintage Marushin full metal MP40 is now available in the armory. Marushin full metal MP40 is the most realistic MP40 replica in the market and despite having been made in the 1970s this particular sample is almost in near new category (not fired at all, original packaging). Well over 4kgs in weight even its weight balance is similar to the real MP40s. Accepts 9mm PFC cartridges.

The previous batch of grade II full metal MP40s has been now sold out.

Cap firing MP44 model gun disassembly photo series article

New article demonstrates the fine realism of MP44 model guns. Very realistic disassembly and internal parts!

New batch of MP44 model guns will be released in August. Pre-order yours now with discounted price.