New production MP44/Stg44 model gun

Now in stock! New dummy model gun version of the MP44 PFC replica. Features full metal and wood materials and fully functional internal mechanism. New 2005 production, only limited quantities available.

MP44/Stg44 model gun is fully functional with very realistic parts and it can be field stripped like the real MP44/Stg44. Museum display quality build and details will not leave anyone disappointed.

Receiver comes with production serial markings and Waffen-SS stamp.

MP44/Stg44 model gun, airsoft blowback and plug fire cartridge versions are listed in our armory. Converted automatic electric gun versions are also available occasionally (contact us for details).

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Tanaka M1 Carbine Set

Now available in the armory is high quality PFC model gun variation of M1 Carbine. Originally manufactured by Tanaka Works (no longer made). The much used CMC M1 Carbines that have been available for quite many years are usually quite worn and feature darker wood furniture color pattern than Tanaka's M1 Carbine. Tanaka Works M1 Carbine offers interesting option for those who are looking for high-end blank firing PFC M1 Carbine and comes highly recommended.

Included is magazine pouch, extra magazines and PFC cartridges.

License free plug fire cartridge model gun replica.

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U.S. M1897 Trench Shotgun

Now available in the armory, model gun version of the legendary M1897 Trench Shotgun! Genuine wood furniture and bayonet attachment that can take real bayonet. Replica bayonet is included with the gun.

Very rare find. No longer made.

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New Hudson M1 Garand model gun discount

Brand new Hudson M1 Garand model guns are now discounted at the armory. Hudson M1 Garand is fully functional and field strippable like the real thing. The wood furniture is of best quality we have seen in replica market and overall realism is very good.

This M1 Garand replica take 8-round stripper clip and can cycle/eject dummy rounds.

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Tokyo Marui Colt Goverment M1911A1 High Grade Hop Up pistols for fun

Low cost spring cocking airsoft pistols for fun plinking or even as a airsoft re-enactment back up pistol. Great accuracy up to 50 meters thanks to the effective hop up unit.

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Stock up hand grenades!

Now available are two types of Mark 2A1 hand grenade, also known as the "Pineapple grenade".

Non-firing model has more realistic construction and arming mechanism while airsoft version will be useful for those who are playing WWII airsoft re-enactment. Both models are made and sold primarily for game applications considering that de-activated Mark 2A1 hand grenades are easily available.

MP40 model gun kits now available ready assembled

Ready assembled MP40 cap firing model gun kit as seen below. Contains more than 70 parts and can fire 9mm PFC cartridges (use 7mm caps) in full automatic mode.

We are now offering this MP40 cap firing model gun kit as a ready assembled version. No assembly required.

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Top condition Asahi MG34 in stock

Near brand new condition Asahi MG34 now in stock. Includes drum magazine, ammunition belt with cartridges, air defence sight, loading accessory, leather sling, manual and drum magazine attachment parts.

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