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Greetings from WWII Guns!

We've listened to your wishes! We are now stocking top quality M1911A1 .45 cap firing model guns for delight of many. First, let's go briefly through what new models have been added to the armory (detailed descriptions and images can be found from bottom section of this update).

October sees several new releases of airsoft WWII guns. Arisaka Model 99 sniper rifle with 2.5x telescope sight and wire monopod is a rare release. Although it's list price is relatively high one must realize the rifle is made on limited numbers and with genuine wood furniture which are expensive to replicate. This is essentially an collector's rifle, despite the airsoft mechanism which is suitable for gaming use.

Type 89 knee mortar airsoft version is made by CAW in Japan who is renowned for their excellent gas airsoft grenades series. The knee mortar will serve as platform for all those grenades that include slug, prop (movie effect) and multiple BB firing ones. It is a first release of it's kind and is also expected to sell out quickly.

Tanaka U.S. M1897 Trench Gun airsoft version is a also a rare release. It's a variation of the Tanaka's model gun M1897 Trench Gun, which is excellent replica of the legendary WWI & WWII combat shotgun. The optional sling belt, ammo pouch and replica bayonet are rare accessories for both airsoft and model gun versions.

MGC M1911A1 .45 Goverment Model [Cap firing model gun]

Made in Japan
Operating principle: Cap firing model gun, plug fire cartridge (PFC)
Availability: In stock, used, excellent condition

Full size fully functional and field strippable replica. This is Plug Fire Cartridge (PFC) replica gun that has real-like firing effect complete with muzzle flash, ejecting shell, gun powder smoke, recoil and firing sound.

MGC M1911A1 model gun is clearly one of the best, if not the best, mass manufactured PFC model gun M1911A1 in the market. Good solid build and materials, realistic functions, authentic markings and affordable price make it top choice for any re-enactor, collector or other WWII enthuasist.

This MGC M1911A1 PFC model gun is super black finished heavy weight model and comes with linked short recoil cap fire mechanism and new generation .45ACP PFC cartridges.

Uses MGC .45ACP model gun PFC cartridges (use 7mm caps). Comes with six .45ACP PFC cartridges.

MGC M1911A1 technical details
Caliber: .45ACP CP-HW cartridge
Lenght: 218mm
Weight-unloaded: 720g
Magazine capacity: 7+1
Powder: MG cap 7mm BLK
Firing mode: Semiautomatic
Materials: Heavy weight plastic & zinc alloy etc.

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U.S. M1897 Trench Shotgun [Gas airsoft gun]

Made in Japan
Operating principle: Airsoft gun, cycles 12 gauge replica shells like the real thing
Availability: Will be released on end of October 2005. Reservations are accepted.

Tanaka Works U.S. M1897 Trench Shotgun re-release as airsoft gun. Based on the earlier model gun this version uses cartridges that house small gas tank. The gas is used to propel the BBs.

The Tanaka M1897 Trench Shotgun functions exactly like the real U.S. M1897 and has genuine wood stock and foregrips. Pump action mechanism and operating sound is excellent.

Replica bayonet, sling, ammo pouch and extra cartridges are not included but available as optional accessories.

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Arisaka Model 99 Sniper Rifle

Made in Japan
Operating principle: Bolt-action airsoft
Ammunition: 6mm BB
Availability: On order, new

Two types of sniper rifles were made for Imperial Japanese Army, a Model 97 and a Model 99. The Model 97 was simply a Model/Type 38, 6.5 mm, 50.25” long, with a wire monopod on the front, a turned down bolt, and a left mounted 2.5x telescope. The Model 99 was a 7.7 mm, 50.25” long Type 99 with the turned down bolt, monopod, and 2.5x scope left mounted.

This Model 99 sniper rifle replica is based on the airsoft Arisaka Type 99 rifle. The 2.5x scope is functional (not dummy) and included with the rifle. Also functional and included with the rifle is the wire monopod.

Technical details:
Lenght: 1120mm
Weight: 2570g
Magazine capacity: 20 BBs

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Type 89 Knee Mortar [Gas operated launcher]

Made in Japan
Operating principle: Gas powered replica
Ammunition: 40mm slug gas grenades or 40mm BB firing gas grenades
Availability: Will be released on end of November 2005. Reservations are accepted.

Type 89 was a simple grenade thrower used by the Impreial Japanese Army infantry. It has a short rifled barrel with an adjustable threaded rod inside. Always fired at an angle of 45 degrees, the range of the projectile was adjusted by moving the rod inside the barrel, thus altering the space inside for combustion. The bottom has a small curved plate to dig into the ground. The Japanese called it a "Leg Mortar" as it was carried strapped to the leg, but a mis-translation in Allied reports led to the term "knee mortar" and the belief that it was fired holding the curved plate against the thigh.

Real weapon technical details:
Weight of grenade 1.43 lb
Max range 700 yards
Weight of mortar 10.05 lb

This mass manufactured replica (by CAW, Japan) uses 40mm slug "grenades" that are gas powered and reusable. The slugs can be fired with real knee mortar technique as they will fly in arch and drop to the target. It can also take 40mm CAW MOSCART gas grenades that fire BBs, but their use will require unrealistic firing technique.

Replica dust cover is included with the launcher.

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