Cap firing (PFC) M1A1 airborne versions now in stock


M1A1 Carbine Airborne Version [Cap firing model gun]
Made in Japan
Operating principle: Cap firing model gun, plug fire cartridge
Ammunition: .30ACP PFC model gun cartridges and caps
Availability: In stock, used, fair condition

M1A1 carbine was special version of M1 carbine made only for airborne troops. It differed from M1 Carbine by having folding frame butt stock which reduced the total lenght from 35.5in (901mm) to 25.4in (645mm) when folded. Only around 150,000 were ever manufactured and they saw combat service with famous US Army airborne divisions 101st and 82nd. The real M1A1 carbine is very rare these days as is this model gun version of it.

Full metal and genuine wood materials. Fully functional M1A1 paratrooper carbine, can be fieldstripped and fired in semiautomatic. Fires plug fire cartridges, which recreates authentic firing effects. This model gun is vintage manufacture from 1980s, a very rare find. No longer manufactured.

M1A1 carbine, as seen in Band of Brothers series!

Extra magazines and plug fire cartridges available by special request.

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