Announcing Vietnam War Guns division


Announcing Vietnam War Guns division
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We are pleased to announce official opening of our Vietnam War Guns division which handles exclusively Vietnam War infantry small arms and heavy weapon replicas. The selection consists of all major Free World and Communist infantry weapons in addition to some rare gun models such as M79 grenade launcher, RPG-7, M76 submachine gun, early XM16E1 sniper version, G3, FN FAL and many more. Naturally many World War II weapons are also included in the selection as large amounts of surplus stocks were still utilized by both Free World and Communist forces. The battles of Saigon, Hue, Mekong Delta, Ho Chi Minh trail and many others can be re-enacted with the selection our division Vietnam War Guns offers.

To promote the Vietnam War division we have issued discount code that runs from 2/27/06 to 3/15/06. The discount code is “platoon” – code being inspired by the unforgettable Vietnam War movie PLATOON (featuring Charlie Sheen and Tom Berenger, directed by Oliver Stone, released on 1986, Orion pictures). By writing the code "platoon" at check out screen you will qualify for additional 10% discount.

We have numerous stocks of XM16E1 and M16A1 cap firing (plug fire cartridge) assault rifles that are heavy weight metal made and extremely authentic. All cap firing XM16E1 models manufactured in 1980s. The M16A1s are off more recent production. These M16 models are fully field strippable and can fire in full automatic. Spare magazines and ammunition is readily available (brand new manufacture). Popular special forces XM177 carbines are also on special offer.

Limited time special prices are in effect from 2/27/06 to 3/15/06 (cumulative discount code discount can be applied!) for following models:

Patrolling during Vietnam War... Out there somewhere in the jungle.

XM16E1 Blank PFC firing model gun
M16A1 Blank PFC firing model gun kit
XM177E2 Blank PFC firing model gun kit, pre-assembled
Hudson M14 Model Gun

We look forward to serve you in your Vietnam War interests. Please keep checking our World War II and Vietnam War websites for product and news updates.