CONTEST: YOUR WORLD WAR II IMPRESSION CAN WIN FULL AUTO MP-40 MACHINE PISTOL Send in your best photo of you in your full WWII load-out and win some top quality infantry weapon replicas we carry. Even if you do not win you will be given automatic 6% discount coupon! To determine the winner of contest we will rate the submitted photos for appropriate equipment and above everything else, WWII infantry atmosphere. What's more each and every participant will get discount coupon to our armories! Simply send in your chosen photo and you will qualify for BOTH prize contest and discount coupon. Coupon code is "photo", which will provide you 6% discount from products, special offers and even shipping costs.

Our top prize is highly authentic MP-40 that can fire plug fire cartridges in full automatic! Normally valued at $390.00 now is the chance to get it for free.

Here is what to do to qualify for contest & discount...:

1. Email us photo of you in WWII uniform
2. You are now qualified for prize contest + discount
3. When shopping use coupon code "photo" at check out to get 6% discount

It's that simple!

Contest Prizes

#1 MP-40 "Schmeisser" Model Gun

#2 MGC Colt Government M1911A1 PFC Model Gun

#3 Mauser M712 PFC Model Gun

#4 $150 gift card

#5 $100 gift card

Mail your photo to in .JPG or .GIF format by November 30th 2006. Winners will be published on December 4th.

After emailing us your photo you can use the discount coupon for any orders you place from there on until November 30th.

Note: We reserve right to publish submitted photos in our website and other materials.