WWII impression contest winners announced


Good number of entries were received for our November WWII impression contest. It was difficult for us to pick the winners as there were many good entries and many wonderful impressions with complete sets of equipment. It was possible to see our products in many of the photos as well and some of these photos can be later seen here at our website. ..

Without further speeches we are proud to announce the winners of our WWII infantry impression contest...

5th - Chris Fulford, Christchurch, New Zealand
Impression: All-action Waffen-SS impression with skilled use of tank as background. Weaponry complete with MG-42 and MP-44.
Prize: $100 gift card.

4th - David "Joachim" Attanasio, Fort Worth, Texas, USA
Impression: Atmospheric photo of MG34 gunner with the 1st SS Leibstandarte "Adolf Hitler" division.
Prize: $150 gift card.

3rd - Nathan Watanabe, Colorado Springs, CO, USA
Impression: Well organized photo of an Lieutenant from the 100/442 Regimental Combat Team (Nisei) during the battle to rescue the Lost Battalion (1st Battalion, 141st Infantry, 36th Division).
Prize: Mauser M712 PFC Model Gun

2nd - Tech 5's Mike Buckendorf and Kevin O'Keefe of 2nd Squad, G Company from Tulsa, Oklahoma
Impression: US infantry on combat patrol. Combat like atmosphere.
Prize: MGC Colt Government M1911A1 PFC Model Gun

...and the winner is
1st - Michael D. Hagins, Northern California
Impression: Excellent impression of World War II-era 82nd Airborne soldier that is fully geared up for combat jump.
Prize: MP-40 "Schmeisser" Model Gun

Thank you for all who participated and see you again in next years contest.