New Limited Edition Luger P-08 now on sale


9mm Pistole 08 (P08) "Luger" Limited Edition, Wood grip [Gas blowback airsoft]
Made in Japan
Operating principle: Blowback gas system, recoil blowback
Ammunition: 6mm BB

Featuring beatiful oil finish and real wooden grips this Limited Edition P-08 Luger gas blowback pistol offers stylish addition to anyones collection.

Gas powered blowback action moves the lever back when the gun is fired and this action produces realistic recoil similar to real light caliber pistol. Although the frame is made of ABS plastic the stylish oil finish gives it authentic appearance. This models real wood grips have been textured to great detail and further increase the level of realistic atmosphere for this replica Luger. Great for collectors, display and airsoft gaming.

Spare magazines are available at our accessories section. This model requires HFC134a gas for operation.

This Limited Edition model is available as long as stocks last.

Technical details:
Lenght: 219mm
Inner barrel: 100mm
Height: 135mm
Weight: 530g
Power source: Ammunition: 6mm BB
Magazine capacity: 12 BB
Hop Up: Yes, adjustable

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