After years of pause in production, another run of 200 pieces
are being manufactured.

This replica is an exact copy of the early production FG42 that
was specially developed for German paratroops, also known as
the "Green Devils". These crack German airborne formations
used their limited numbers of FG42s in famous battles such as
the Battle of Monte Cassino and the Battle of the Bulge.
Due to the consuming production process of the FG42, only
very limited numbers were made in WWII and thus they
command a premium price among collectors.

This Japanese reproduction is a top of the line
replica with amazing attention to detail and
it even functions and disassembles exactly
like the real FG42. Each model comes with
a unique serial number and is perfectly
suited for the most demanding firearm
display, movie production or re-enactment.

Fully functional, operates & disassembles like the real FG42
Uses real-like 20rnd magazines and replica 7.92x57mm Mauser cartridges
Functional rear & front sights
Functional replica bayonet
Highly detailed 1:1 scale full metal and wood construction
Authentic stampings
Each model comes with unique serial number
Accepts replica ZFG42 scopes and rifle grenade attachment
NEW: More accurately sized hand guard
NEW: Original German receiver stamps
NEW: Improved gas piston
NEW: Improved magazine design
NEW: Machine finished barrel
This is a museum-quality replica FG42 that is fully-functional and field-strippable like the real FG42. It features a
functional spike-type bayonet (replica), functional rear & front sights, a cartridge ejection system and an
operational cocking lever and system that uses dummy 7.92x57mm Mauser cartridges. The highly detailed and
sophisticated full metal and wood construction of this reproduction will satisfy reenactors for its details & quality.
Indeed, this reproduction model is displayed in renowned war museums in Europe and is every bit as good as the
famed MP44 reproduction.
Limited production of FG42 rifle grenade attachments with dummy rifle grenades and ZFG42 scopes have been
manufactured for this model (ask us for availability). Spare 20rnd magazines and 7.92x57mm Mauser cartridges
are available as accessories. Spare parts are also available for special order.
Original manual, English version of the original manual, a 20rnd magazine and 10 dummy cartridges.
Length: 940mm
Weight: 4,500g
Ammunition: Replica (dummy) 7.92x57mm Mauser cartridge Magazine capacity: 20 rounds

This is a very high quality
replica and not considered
to be a toy! For ages
18 & over.
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