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World War II Guns

I received my order, but merchandise was damaged/missing/incorrect.
Damaged merchandise
Please photograph the damaged merchandise and email the photo to us with details of what you had found upon package receival. The evidence is required for damage claim to Japan Post and for us to verify that the product is indeed damaged and how the damage had probably occurred.
Incorrect merchandise
Please photograph the incorrect merchandise and email the photo to us with details of what you should have received. If mistake has been made, we will ship you an replacement right away.
Missing merchandise
If we ship you partial shipment you will see comment in your shipment dispatch notice, unless someone at the shipping made a mistake.

That aside, there can be numerous reasons for missing item - here is the full list:
  • The item was not shipped because of a backorder, or discontinuation. Please double check our "shipment prepared" and "shipment dispatched" emails to see if there is any mention of above.
  • Some accessory, or small item, was packed inside another item or is still “hidden” inside the softeners.
  • Your order was shipped in multiple packages, but not all packages have arrived yet. There might be some time lag between the packages.
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Document created: March 20, 2010
Last modified: March 20, 2010