Website renovation

As regular visitors have already noticed we have been implementing new website for the last week.More

27mm Kampfpistole now available!

We have now available new production Kampfpistole replica, a single-shot breech-open gas operated launcher that uses 27mm gas grenades.More

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Website renovation

07.14.12 - As regular visitors have already noticed we have been implementing new website for the last week. More

FG42 Type II & MP44 Sniper Model with ZF4

12.17.10 - These models are on FINAL SALE until 12/18/10 after which they won't be available no longer. Both models are sold with reduced final price on first-come-first-served basis. More

Static/Firing Display MP44 with ZF4 scope (Sniper)Monday, November 8, 2010 1:05 AM

12.01.10 - Once-in-a-life-time opportunity to own high quality display MP44 with scope attachment. This specially manufactured model can be used for both static & firing display, as well as re-enactment skirmishing. More

Coming Soon! Mauser Kar 98k byf 1943 Vintage Edition

10.05.10 - We are proud to introduce to you the Mauser Kar 98k byf 1943 Vintage Edition with authentic byf 1943 markings. More

09.02.10 - More

M1897 Trench Gun now available in stock!

08.31.10 - We now have new stock available of the M1897 Trench Gun! Cap firing model gun that cycles 12 gauge replica shells like the real thing. Click here to see our new pictures. More

Production nearly complete on MG42 2nd Edition Replica Display Model

08.23.10 - Production on MG42 2nd Edition Replica Display Model is nearly complete and will ship by mid-September. Production is limited to orders only, so once production is over, orders are no longer possible. More

Limited production Type 100 SMG Paratrooper Version available soon!

08.20.10 - Type 100 SMG Paratrooper Version is a limited production submachine gun, coming October 2010. Worldwide production only 80 items will be made. Real wood folding stock with steel hinge and distinct barrel design just like the real model. More

08.12.10 - More

IJA Special ľ Brand new Type 94 Replica & Type 97 Sniper; Knee Mortars finally back in stock!

08.03.10 - Featured here are 3 weapons from Imperial Japanese Army - the brand new Type 94 Pistol and Type 97 Sniper Rifle, and the Type 89 knee mortar, which will finally be restocked since the pause in production! More

RENOVATION LAUNCH: Special Sale & Giveaway!

08.02.10 - In commemoration of our newly renovated website, and in appreciation of your support, we are offering 8 special offers! These are the lowest prices ever for some items, and we will also give away a MG42 2nd Edition Display Model - free! More

Now in Stock! MP44 Non-Firing Display Model Gun

08.01.10 - MP44 non-firing display model gun is now available. All metal and wood build for amazing detail and realistic build. Only one available! More

Available Now! Karabiner 98k-Zf41 (Zielfernrohr 41) 1.5x15

08.01.10 - Now available, Zielfernrohr 41 scope for Tanaka Works Karabiner 98k. More

New Version of MP40 Assembly Kit available now!

08.01.10 - Now in stock! New Heavy Weight version of the popular MP40 Assembly Kit. Featuring same gas blowback system feature but made with heavier parts and different surface finish. 380g increase in total weight. More

Collectible PPSh-41 with rare stick magazine

07.19.10 - We are offering collectible PPSh-41 non-firing model with a rare stick magazine. Only one available! More

Featured product

Thompson M1921 series

We have expanded our Thompson M1921 replica model gun selection which now includes early and late M1921/M1928A1 models. Limited edition models will be gone soon! Last of the drum mag equipped Thompsons! More

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