New Version of MP40 Assembly Kit available now!

Now in stock! New Heavy Weight version of the popular MP40 Assembly Kit. Featuring same gas blowback system feature but made with heavier parts and different surface finish. 380g increase in total weight. More

One-off special sale - rare items will be soon sold out

Unique items now listed in special sale....sold on first-come first-served basis. Only one each available.More

News bulletins

Blowback Semi/Full automatic Marushin M2 Carbine 8mm BB coming soon!

08.13.06 - New exciting rifle for WWII Allied airsoft re-enactors and collectors alike. More

New Allied pistols available

08.13.06 - Two new models now available! More

Holiday notice

07.30.06 - We will be on summer holiday from July 31st to August 7th. Inquiries and orders will be accepted on this period and they will be handled on received order from August 8th. More

Father’s Day Specials

06.08.06 - Does your father enjoy WWII hobby? Or maybe would you like to give your loved ones a hint what you would really want instead of new pair of socks and underwear… More

Used cap firing Thompson M1A1s now available

06.08.06 - There has been fairly many requests for cap firing Thompson M1A1s so they have been made available as used ones since all new stocks were recently sold out. More

KSC M1911A1 .45 US Army- LAUNCH SALE

05.12.06 - Highly promising airsoft gas blowback pistol on launch sale of just $137.20! Very realistic model. More

Newsletters #3 and #4 sent to subscribers

05.12.06 - Latest newsletters contain our latest gun models that have not yet made to the website. More

More full packages available

05.09.06 - We have expanded the line of recently introduced full packages, which are all available now on this page. More

Mauser Kar 98k shell ejecting rifle is back in stock!

05.09.06 - Limited stocks, get yours while stocks last! More

National holiday

05.04.06 - WWII Guns will follow national holiday period of 05/03 - 05/07. Order shipments and customer service will resume on 8th of May. More

Armory updates

05.04.06 - Several full set packages were added and minor updating of product profiles was completed today. More

New items & packages in the armory

03.14.06 - List of new items & packages can be found from here. More

10-day Spring Blitzkrieg (03/14/06 - 03/24/06)

03.14.06 - Limited 10-day special offers for Tanaka Mauser Kar 98k sniper/sharpshooter version, Marushin M1 Garand US Rifleman Set and SS NCO/Officer M712 semi/full automatic cap firing model gun kit Set. Do not miss out on the 10-day limited offers! More

Armory update & coming soon models

02.28.06 - New products have been added to our armory. Reservations are now accepted for several upcoming models of March. More

Announcing Vietnam War Guns division

02.27.06 - We are pleased to announce official opening of our VIETNAM WAR GUNS division which handles exclusively Vietnam War infantry small arms and heavy weapon replicas. More

Featured product

Thompson M1921 series

We have expanded our Thompson M1921 replica model gun selection which now includes early and late M1921/M1928A1 models. Limited edition models will be gone soon! Last of the drum mag equipped Thompsons! More

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