Marushin MP40 Gas Blowback review online & "1945" Vintage model now available

We have added to our articles section review of Marushin MP40 Gas Blowback Matt Black model and also we are pleased to inform you that Marushin MP40 Gas Blowback "1945" Vintage model has been now finally released.More

Red Army weapons added! Mosin Nagant M1891/30 is here!

Thanks to the recent development work release of first-ever Mosin Nagant M1891/30 replica will be done at the end of this month adding to already on sale PPSh-41 and TT-33. New Red Army category has been opened in our armory!More

News bulletins

New release: Tanaka Mauser Kar 98K Cap Firing Model Gun

08.27.09 - Tanaka is finally re-releasing their original Mauser Kar 98k model gun as a cap firer. This is an superior choice for any one looking for an realistic Mauser Kar 98k replica. More

MP-40 assembly kits are back in stock

08.22.09 - We have restocked the popular MP-40 assembly kits and for the next 48h you can still purchase them at the old price! More

FG42 Type I Demo Video

08.10.09 - See here for our new video that demonstrates the FG42 Type I replica model gun features, operation, disassembly and reassembly. This 9min video demonstrates in detail the amazing realism of this replica. More

Upcoming New Series: Hybrid Cap Firers U.S. M1 Carbine & M1 Garand

08.09.09 - Hybrid Model Gun Kit series U.S. M1 Carbine and M1 Garand will provide completely new range of cap firers for WWII enthuasists. More


07.31.09 - See here for the products that are on special summer sale. More

MP44 Model Gun: Still few left!

07.30.09 - We still have few of the popular MP44 model guns left for sale. More

SPECIAL OFFER: MP44 Recoil Blowback Model


Sneak peak into FG42/I production

07.17.09 - The FG42 production is progressing! See photos of production here. More

NEW RELEASE: Sten Mk II Suppressed cap firer

07.14.09 - Coming soon in August! Production is limited to 120pcs. Order yours now. More

M1 Garand Vintage Gas Blowback rifles are finally on sale!

06.30.09 - The Marushin M1 Garand Vintage Gas Blowback Rifle is now on sale! Get yours while stocks last...! More

S&W .38 Victory Upgrade Model

06.29.09 - The much requested S&W .38 Victory Model (cap firing model gun) will be released again with classic frame design that comes with sleek finish and detailed frame lines. More

Arisaka Type 99 Cap Firing Model Guns are on sale

06.29.09 - These finely detailed Arisaka Type 99 cap firing replicas might not be for everyone but those who need a high-end legal alternative to the real one won't be disappointed! More

M2 Carbine replica model guns now available

06.18.09 - We are selling batch of classic M2 Carbine replica model guns. Great for realistic display, living history or events without the hassles of real firearm! More

Special Sale: Mauser M712 model gun kits

06.17.09 - Mauser M712 "Schnellfeuer" cap firing model gun kits are now only $99.00! These models can fire in full automatic! More

The brand new Type 96 Light Machine Gun Replica

06.11.09 - See here for photo gallery of this high-end replica of Type 96 light machine gun that was finally released. The real Type 96 LMG was extensively used by Imperial Japanese Army in World War II. More

Featured product

Thompson M1921 series

We have expanded our Thompson M1921 replica model gun selection which now includes early and late M1921/M1928A1 models. Limited edition models will be gone soon! Last of the drum mag equipped Thompsons! More

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