MP44 Cap firing model gun has been restocked!

This is for all the serious collectors. We have got one of the precious ultra-rare MP44 cap firing models back in stock and it is up for the grabs now!More

RENOVATION LAUNCH: Special Sale & Giveaway!

In commemoration of our newly renovated website, and in appreciation of your support, we are offering 8 special offers! These are the lowest prices ever for some items, and we will also give away a MG42 2nd Edition Display Model - free!More

News bulletins

Coming soon: S.C.W. Colt M1911A1 Battle Damaged version

05.31.09 - Coming soon: S.C.W. Colt M1911A1 Battle Damaged version. More

Coming soon: Arisaka Type 38 Replica Cap Firing Model Gun

05.28.09 - Superbly detailed cap firing replica of Arisaka Type 38 rifle. More

Back in stock Hudson British Sten Mk-2

05.22.09 - Back in stock Hudson British Sten Mk-2 More

Coming soon: FG42/I Replica Model Gun

05.01.09 - After few years of pause in production the FG42/I is now under production and limited release will follow in July. Reserve one for yourself today from this limited production. More

Arisaka Type 99 plug fire cartridge model gun coming soon

04.29.09 - Arisaka Type 99 plug fire cartridge model gun coming soon More

Now shipping: MP44/StG44 Replica Model Gun Limited Edition

04.23.09 - We are now shipping the new edition of MP44 replica display model gun. This years edition has new production stampings, replica ammunition boxes and the highest overall quality seen so far in this series. We cannot recommend this model highly enough! More

Marushin M1 Garand Vintage version coming soon

04.10.09 - Marushin is manufacturing new "Vintage" version of their popular gas blowback M1 Garand rifle. More

MP44 final call!

04.09.09 - The MP44s are shipping out soon. This is the last change to order! More

IJA Type 96 Light Machine Gun Replica, Part II

04.09.09 - Here's the second part of the Type 96 LMG replica release news. See photos of the final product! More

New edition of MP44/StG44 nearing completion

04.03.09 - See here for all the new war-time production stamps that this year's edition of MP44/StG44 replica model gun will have. More

New release: Type 96 Light Machine Gun Replica

04.03.09 - See here for the first-ever mass produced Type 96 light machine gun replica. High quality full metal & wood oonstruction replica, this is no "garage" project! More

New production stamps for replica MP44 model guns

03.13.09 - Here are photos of the new production stamps that the latest production run of MP44 replica model guns will carry. Also photoed are the replica 7.92mm x 33mm Kurtz cartidges and their boxes. Enjoy! More

Now accepting orders for MP44 model guns

11.29.08 - Limited production of MP44 model guns will be completed soon. More

New release: M3A1 Grease Gun kit

10.10.08 - You asked for it, we delivered! This new release is our most affordable full automatic cap firing model gun to date. At just $149.00 this assembly kit is terrific value for the money. More

MP44 models back in production

08.11.08 - New production of MP44 models has commenced and the first batch consists of 100pcs of nitroair blowback models that are sold on first-come first-served basis. More

Featured product

Colt M1911A1 Blowback Heavy Weight Kit 2008

This new kit represents affordable choice for those enthusiasts who are eager to add functional Colt M1911A1 reproduction to their collection. This kit also provides interesting insight to the construction of the famous Colt M1911A1 pistol as mechanism and internal parts resemble are very similar to the real one. However this model is completely safe to own. More

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