MP44 models back in production

New production of MP44 models has commenced and the first batch consists of 100pcs of nitroair blowback models that are sold on first-come first-served basis.More

Bon holiday notice

We will be observing Bon holiday period from August 14th to 17th. Thank you for your continued support and interest to our services & products.More

News bulletins

One-off special sale - rare items will be soon sold out

08.04.08 - Unique items now listed in special sale....sold on first-come first-served basis. Only one each available. More

Get a free WWII Guns catalogue (until August 6th)

08.03.08 - Our new printed catalogue has been finished! For a limited time we will be mailing the catalogues FREE of charge to anyone wanting to get one. To receive your free catalogue via mail please email us your name and mailing address by August 6th. More

Pre-order: New Springfield M1903A3 cap firer!

07.22.08 - This excellent cap firing model gun reproduction of Springfield M1903A3 has become one of the most anticipated releases of the year. More

Popular models back in stock!

07.11.08 - Cap firing P08 Lugers, MGC Colt M1911A1 US Army models and Tokarev TT-33 cap firers are all back in stock! More

Last chance for Tanaka Mauser Kar 98k and Marushin M1 Garand

07.04.08 - Tanaka has announced decision to rise price of their popular Mauser Kar 98k gas rifle and in other news Marushin has finally scheduled new production of the much requested M1 Garand. Get both of these while you can! More

M3A1 Grease Gun cap firer summer sale

06.21.08 - This affordable full set is a great way to enter the world of fully-automatic cap-firing model guns. Only $197.00! More

Mosin Nagant M1891/44 Carbine

06.20.08 - New release! Carbine version of the Red Army Mosin Nagant M1891 rifle. More

New models under-development!

06.06.08 - See list of new models that are currently being developed. Also listed are discontinued models. More

New release: Mauser M712 Carbine

06.06.08 - New affordable Mauser M712 carbine model guns are now in stock! May 2008 release. See the details here. More

New arrivals: Nambu 14 Vintage, Thompson M1921 Military & M712 HW

05.27.08 - The brand new Nambu Model 14 gas blowback (with vintage finish), Thompson M1921 Military and Mauser M712 Heavy Weight gas blowback are all in stock now! Last call for MG42 2nd lot! More

New arrivals! MP44 AEG '08 version, full Metal MP40 cap firer...

04.24.08 - New arrivals! MP44 AEG '08 version, full Metal MP40 cap firer, P08 engraved ac42 model gun, S&W .38 Victory Model... More

27mm Kampfpistole now available!

04.10.08 - We have now available new production Kampfpistole replica, a single-shot breech-open gas operated launcher that uses 27mm gas grenades. More


03.25.08 - Offers are valid March 24 ľ March 31, 2008 or as long as stocks last. More

MG42 non-firing display model video

03.25.08 - View the MG42 non-firing display model from real close-by. More

Redesigned Thompson M1A1 released, see the new video!

03.10.08 - We have improved the firing mechanism and durability of Thompsons by developing new bolt assembly. See video of full automatic firing here! Thompson parts are now listed at our website as well! More

Featured product

Colt M1911A1 Blowback Heavy Weight Kit 2008

This new kit represents affordable choice for those enthusiasts who are eager to add functional Colt M1911A1 reproduction to their collection. This kit also provides interesting insight to the construction of the famous Colt M1911A1 pistol as mechanism and internal parts resemble are very similar to the real one. However this model is completely safe to own. More

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