MKb 42 back in stock

We have several of the discontinued MKb 42 model gun back in stock as a used models. They are in excellent to near new condition and are looking for a new collector homes.More

IJA Special ľ Brand new Type 94 Replica & Type 97 Sniper; Knee Mortars finally back in stock!

Featured here are 3 weapons from Imperial Japanese Army - the brand new Type 94 Pistol and Type 97 Sniper Rifle, and the Type 89 knee mortar, which will finally be restocked since the pause in production! More

News bulletins

PPSh-41 Heavy Weight New Model back in stock

03.07.08 - We are pleased to inform you that the PPSh-41 Heavy Weight New Model [Cap firing model gun] is now back in stock and available for order. Also cartridges, drum magazines and caps for PPSh-41 are all in stock. More

FN Browning M1910 now available

02.26.08 - Somewhat less known pistol of Wehrmacht is now available as non-firing model gun. New manufacture! More

Thompsons are back in stock!

02.05.08 - The much requested Thompson cap firing model guns are back in stock! The most realistic Thompson M1A1 model guns in the market. Blast away in movie style! More

MG42 & MP44 new videos!

01.30.08 - Click here to see our new videos of MG42 & MP44 nitroair blowback models. Not only these models look exactly like their real counterparts, they have highly realistic recoil action and can shoot BBs to great distance. See for yourself! More

Announcement: New website released

01.18.08 - We are pleased to inform you all that our new improved 2.0 website is now live. Special release announcement page here. New services and release specials included here! More

MKb 42 back in stock

01.11.08 - We have several of the discontinued MKb 42 model gun back in stock as a used models. They are in excellent to near new condition and are looking for a new collector homes. More

Thompson M1A1 & PPSh-41 Special Offer

12.28.07 - New production of much requested Thompson M1A1 cap firing model gun and PPSh-41 cap firing model gun will be finished at end of January and February respectively. Those who will order in advance will qualify for discounted price! More

MG42 in stock!

12.28.07 - The long awaited MG42 models are now in stock. Purchase yours here! More

MG42 ships on 12/31/07!

12.25.07 - The MG42 production has been finally finished and we are shipping out on 12/31/07. This is last-call for orders of MG42. Updated review of this real size, fully functional metal and wood replica of MG42 can be found here. More

Christmas & new year holiday announcement

12.21.07 - Weĺd like to thank you all of our customers and partners for your business and cooperation with us which has been much appreciated and we look forward to work with you again on 2008! More

Revamped store, new store categories & Christmas offers

12.06.07 - We have opened two new categories in the store as well as reorganized rest of the store for better browsing experience. New Crazy Christmas Sale offers have been added today! More

MG42 production news

12.04.07 - New MG42 production update! More

Crazy Christmas Sale 2007

12.03.07 - Limited number of products in crazy christmas sale! More

Christmas shipping information & price increase for 2008

12.01.07 - We have two important announcements concerning christmas purchases and our model prices that will increase on January 8th 2008. More

Marushin MP40 Gas Blowback review online & "1945" Vintage model now available

11.18.07 - We have added to our articles section review of Marushin MP40 Gas Blowback Matt Black model and also we are pleased to inform you that Marushin MP40 Gas Blowback "1945" Vintage model has been now finally released. More

Featured product

Thompson M1921 series

We have expanded our Thompson M1921 replica model gun selection which now includes early and late M1921/M1928A1 models. Limited edition models will be gone soon! Last of the drum mag equipped Thompsons! More

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