Machinenpistol 18 (MP18) Theodor Bergmann Abt Waffenbau Suhl Special Edition models now available

Machinenpistol 18 (MP18) Theodor Bergmann Abt Waffenbau Suhl Special Edition models have been added to the armory.More

Revamped store, new store categories & Christmas offers

We have opened two new categories in the store as well as reorganized rest of the store for better browsing experience. New Crazy Christmas Sale offers have been added today!More

News bulletins

General armory update

03.05.07 - General update was completed today to armory. We have updated product availability statuses to all items and added new automatic stock alert feature. Just arrived items also briefly listed here! More

Red Army weapons added! Mosin Nagant M1891/30 is here!

02.22.07 - Thanks to the recent development work release of first-ever Mosin Nagant M1891/30 replica will be done at the end of this month adding to already on sale PPSh-41 and TT-33. New Red Army category has been opened in our armory! More

Limited Edition Kar98k models now shipping

02.22.07 - Limited Edition Kar98k models are now shipping! Photos and mini-review will be published here in the coming days. More

New Limited Edition Luger P-08 now on sale

02.05.07 - Featuring beatiful oil finish and real wooden grips this Limited Edition P-08 Luger gas blowback pistol offers stylish addition to anyones collection. Produces real-like blowback recoil when fired. More

Walther P-38 models are now available!

02.05.07 - New Walther P-38 models ac41 and ac43 are now listed at our armory. More

New products have arrived! Limited offers until Feb 10th!

01.29.07 - MAJOR UPDATE in the armory! Thompsons, M3A1 Grease Guns, Mauser Kar 98k Limited Edition models, etc. Please see all our new products and offers by clicking here. LIMITED OFFERS until Feb 10th! More

Marushin M2 Carbine review, photos and video

01.05.07 - Marushin M2 Carbine gas blowback airsoft rifle review, photos and video are now online in our articles section. Please see the details of this new impressive WWII airsoft rifle release. More

Thank you for the year 2006!

12.29.06 - As the year 2006 draws close we will be observing national holiday period between 30/12/06 - 04/01/06. Inquiries and orders are accepted during holiday period and we will be processing them again from 5th of January. More

WWII impression contest winners announced

12.21.06 - Good number of entries were received for our November WWII impression contest. It was difficult for us to pick the winners as there were many good entries and many wonderful impressions with complete sets of equipment. More


12.20.06 - The long awaited M2 Carbine gas blowback airsoft rifle has been released today! More

Newsletter subscriber special offer

12.05.06 - We have emailed today exclusive special offer to all newsletter subscribers. More


10.16.06 - Send in your best photo of you in your full WWII load-out and win some top quality infantry weapon replicas we carry. Even if you do not win you will be given automatic 6% discount coupon! More

Marushin MP-40 Gas Blowback Machine Pistol

09.11.06 - From the maker of M1 Garand 8mm gas blowback rifle next in line is gas operated blowback MP-40! More

Last call for MP44, MKb 42 (H) & MG42 orders

09.06.06 - We are almost sold out on MP44 and MKb 42 (H) model guns. Ordering now is highly recommended. MG42 has been scheduled for 10/06 - 11/06 release while G43 has been completely sold out. More

Bon holiday notice

08.13.06 - We will be observing Bon holiday period from August 14th to 17th. Thank you for your continued support and interest to our services & products. More

Featured product

Colt M1911A1 Blowback Heavy Weight Kit 2008

This new kit represents affordable choice for those enthusiasts who are eager to add functional Colt M1911A1 reproduction to their collection. This kit also provides interesting insight to the construction of the famous Colt M1911A1 pistol as mechanism and internal parts resemble are very similar to the real one. However this model is completely safe to own. More

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