We are suppliers for over 4000 WWII hobbyists & major movie, productions since 2004.


WWII Guns offers realistic replica weapons for Movie and Film Companies and Productions, Movie Armorers, Movie Proppers, and Gaming Companies.

WWII Guns (a division of TTD Company) provides assistance and equipment for movie/film companies, as well as movie armorers and proppers. We offer everything from top-of-the-line World War II gun replicas, to affordable replicas to fit your budget. Our products have been utilized in movie productions all over the world, including United States, Europe and Australia. Additionally, we have provided replica guns for gaming companies as well.

If you are a large film or gaming company looking to purchase your own replica weaponry, we offer a very economical selection of high quality products that will last for years to come. The expense and time that it would take to manufacture your own arsenal can be extremely cost-prohibitive not to even mention the insurance and legal issues real firearms have. Our products are manufactured with the best quality materials and state-of-the-art technology to provide you with amazingly authentic reproductions of the real thing. And youll be amazed at our selection! We offer replicas utilized by the United States, Germany, Japan, Soviet Union, and more! In fact, not all of our gun models and accessories are listed in the armory section of our website. We have many more available upon request.

We can even modify any of our products to suit your filming needs, as well as to meet any local customs regulations you may encounter.

Movie: Saving Private Ryan


TV-series: The Pacific


Infinity Ward Ltd.: Producers of Call of Duty game series


Tripwire Interactive Ltd.: Producers of Red Orchestra game


United States Army: Various museums


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