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Other German weapons

FN Browning M1910 [Replica non-firing model gun] 

FN Browning M1910 [Replica non-firing model gun]

Made in Japan
Operating principle: Non-firing model gun

The M1910 was a intriquing pistol design from the legendary John Browning. Since American manufacturer Colt did not want to produce Browning's design, Browning chose to patent and produce it in Europe only. It incorporated the standard Browning striker-firing mechanism and a grip safety along with a magazine safety and an external safety lever (known as the "triple safety") in a compact package. Between two World Wars these pistols became very popular across Europe as a police, military and self-defence guns.

Due its extremely compact size the FN Browning M1910 was widely used by Luftwaffe personnel but it was also seen in hands of army personnel.

This is a non-firing model gun that can be loaded like real. Excellent real-like appearance, details and feel. Comes with dummy cartridges. More information



Kampfpistole w/27mm gas grenade [Gas operated launcher] 

Kampfpistole w/27mm gas grenade [Gas operated launcher]

Made in Japan
Operating principle: Single-shot breech-open gas operated launcher that uses 27mm gas grenades

Kampfpistole (“battle pistol”) is an interesting German infantry weapon that was developed on early 1940s from the German smooth bore flare pistol “Leuchtpistole”. Kampfpistole was almost the same but with a bored out rifled barrel, firing angle aiming device and new variety of rounds including high-explosive (HE) ones. The HE rounds could be fired effectively to 100 meters and the pistol was intended primarily for close combat such as street fighting and defending armored vehicles against enemy infantry (an special 1-second fused HE grenade was issued for this purpose, to be fired inside armored vehicle).

This intriquing break-open breech single shot weapon is now available as a gas-operated replica that fires specially designed 27mm gas grenades (real Kampfpistole uses 26mm grenades). Each shot releases a cloud of gas and a loud firing sound. The grenades can be also used for firing multiple BBs in single shot and spare grenades can be ordered. Reloading is exactly like real Kampfpistole and can be done in single action.

This Kampfpistole replica carries the following markings:

Large signal pistol reference “Z” on the barrel (since Kampfpistol could use the same signal rounds as Leuchtpistole)
“ac41” production year reference
Fixed serial number “0911”
Two Nazi Germany stamps (we can remove these for import purposes)

Grenade power source: HFC134a gas More information